Find Accountant & Find Wealth are part of the Find Group of companies offering Accounting services: tax returns (individual, sole trader, company, trust,  and SMSF) and business advice, Financial Planning services:Insurance, Super, SMSF, Retirement Planning, and we operate a Not-For-Profit called the Find Foundation that manages the community newspapers and network groups in various regions across Victoria.


It is an old adage but we believe in service first.  We are not here to sell you products.  Rather, we are here to educate our clients and provide the services you require.  Our staff work hard to try and make the client experience a positive one.  We also support our local communities via our community newspapers that operate across Victoria.  We are not about buying the next investment property but about giving back to those around us.


We service clients throughout Melbourne and Geelong and surrounding areas.  With access to the internet it does not matter where you live.  More and more we are finding that our clients prefer Zoom, email and phone calls rather than coming into the office.  Even so, we still are open to face-to-face meetings and find that our retirement clients prefer the personal touch rather than just computers and mobiles.  We are here to provide the service you require.

Trying to Find a good accountant or financial advisor? You just found one.

Part of the FIND GROUP of companies.

Just a quick shout out to Warren from Find Accounting Pty Ltd.

Warren has a been awesome and he has helped us grow our business.  Firstly, he helped me rebrand the business for todays climate.  Then he went about and set me up with a web page to get me up to speed on the digital scene.  What was really helpful, was he helped me to get the books right, and advised me on what I can and cannot claim when completing my tax returns.  He also set me up with loans for vehicles, and all the insurances I would need to keep life and business in harmony.

But the most important aspect at my age was Warren’s efforts in modelling a retirement plan for us that included current superannuation advice.  He provided us with a direction we could follow so we could reach our retirement goals in the future.

Warren is very easy to deal with and will help any business prosper.


Warren has been a pleasure to deal with and has made making decisions around my Super and financial future easy to understand. His dedication, knowledge and holistic approach are outstanding and makes you feel you’re in safe hands.


I opened an insurance policy 45 years ago to protect me and my growing family. Like most people, every year I paid the insurance premiums without re-reading the fine print of my insurance never thinking that I would need it for exactly the purpose I took it out, my health. Now at retirement age and experiencing health issues, I met with Warren for a financial health check. This changed everything. If not for Warren and his knowledge of insurance, I would have made a regrettable mistake and cancelled this policy just to save the annual premium. Warren advised me that I did have a claim with this insurance policy and with his assistance and on-going guidance, my claim was successful. I highly commend Warren for his product knowledge; his ability to understand and communicate it to me, and finally, my peace of mind knowing that I have an advisor that places my interest first. Thank you Warren and the team at the Find Group.


Here’s my Testimonial and how life sometime throws you some curveballs. It was a hard year in 2020 for all of us and it was really difficult for me to keep my business open. I had to start reducing all my overheads, let go of staff, whilst continuing to work 6 days a week just to make ends meet – not great when I was still getting over my heart attack. Part of reducing costs was to cancel my Personal Insurances especially when the insurer said they would not pay me anything after my heart attack. I figured it was just not worth continuing to make that payments each month. Man I was WRONG. I called Warren, my advisor, and not the insurer this time, to let him know I was cancelling. I just happened to mention my heart attack and that the insurer did not pay. He asked me to hold off cancelling as he thought I might be entitled to something – to say I was doubtful and annoyed was an understatement. Within no time at all he came back to me with some life changing news. In short, Warren jumped into action (like a superhero), fought for me on my behalf with the insurers, and got me some money. I was already to give up but not Warren. He helped me with every step and ended up getting me 2x$50,000 in Trauma payments plus 6 months of Income Protection payments. He saved my business, help me retain staff, and more importantly I got on with getting my health back in order. Yes sometimes we are thrown some curve balls but when you have Warren swinging away for you, you know you’ll come out a winner.


We had always done our own tax returns and came to Warren feeling very overwhelmed by the added expectations of running a small business. We have been so impressed with his integrity and patience in guiding us through the process and of the efficiency of his system. We know that this is a rare find and we are grateful.


Our Belief

We are not here to take over the world but to make a difference in it.  The Find Group supports the Find Network and online Community Newspapers.  The aim is to support all NFP in our local community as well as local small businesses in the area.


The Find Group of companies believes in partnering with the like minded individuals whose goal is to provide quality service and advice.  If you would like to talk to Find about partnering with us please contact Find.


Our team strive to be number one in their field.  It is an honour to be recognised by our peers.  We also want to thank our client’s who believe in us but understand we are only human.  To us the relationship is more important.


We work as a single united team to give our clients the highest quality advice possible.